Why should you become a certified EMS trainer?

Electromyostimulation training (EMS) is particularly effective as it trains deep muscles more intensively, successfully and faster.

Certification and training course contents

The training covers medical histories, contraindications, training targets, training for beginners, spotting and acting, back training and spotting, training with back pain and urinary incontinence, relaxation training, back training and relaxation, electrophysiology, body shaping for legs, bums and tums, body shaping, load parameters and training plans, fat burning, EMS intensification techniques, body shaping for the upper body, as well as numerous practical units.

GluckerKolleg is a training institute and has been training competent EMS training specialists for over 10 years, and sports instructors and sports therapists for over 90 years. Our trainers have been working with EMS devices since their inception and have lots of handy tips on how to handle them correctly in the real world. Our course and training sessions are based on numerous academic studies which are made available to participants during their course.

This course is suitable for everyone who works with EMS devices and supports EMS customers.

On successful completion of the EMS Trainer course, the participant is awarded a license** to certify that they are trained in EMS training (when booking 2 training days). Plus, each participant who passes the exam will be added to our GluckerNetzwork free of charge and their details will be sent to potential EMS customers on request. The training course covers all the basic information needed to successfully work with EMS.

How can you become a certified EMS trainer?

You can participate in the EMS license course without any major requirements. It is always an advantage to have a basic education in the sports and fitness area. As part of the training course, you start by familiarizing yourself with the fundamentals of EMS training by reviewing our study material at home (we will send you the EMS preparation material once you book the course). Depending upon your previous knowledge, we estimate the preparation time for the Study and Training Manual to be 10 hours in total (Note that this must be covered before the course begins). For admission to the practical component of the course, you must pass a preliminary online test with a pass rate of at least 70%. This is to ensure a uniform level of knowledge among the team and to adequately prepare you for the practical component of the course. At the end of the two-day course you will take short practical exam.

At the end of the licensing course, you have to take another online exam. This consists of 20 questions and you must achieve a pass rate of at least 70% before you can be automatically awarded the EMS License from GluckerKolleg in cooperation with miha bodytec. If you have any questions, please contact the GluckerKolleg EMS partner institute in your country. (see “Our partner institutes”).

The license course takes 2 days (practical) plus preparation at home. Depending upon your previous knowledge, we estimate the preparation time for the Study and Training Manual to be 10 hours in total (to be done prior to the course start!). You can find out the costs for the licensing course by contacting your GluckerKolleg EMS partner institute.