The EMS License Trainer Course
Remote or Onsite

Right from the start, you should focus on a good and professional EMS education, which provides you with all the important basics for your professional work.

During the course you will have intensive learning with our instructors, who themselves have years of experience as successful PTs and EMS studio owners. This allows them to give you valuable advice for building up your EMS business, meeting the needs of your clients and thus being a successful EMS trainer. At the end of the course, you will receive an internationally recognized EMS Training Expert Certification, which will give you a safe start into your future professional life as an EMS Trainer.

During times of Covid-19 and travelling restrictions we developed an effective Online EMS Course in which all material and practice is able to be taught and conducted remotely. Remote lessons cover all the same content conventional lessons do.

Content of the EMS License Course

• History of EMS training
• Electrophysiological basics of EMS training
• Load parameters for EMS training
• Medical history and contraindications
• Differences compared to conventional training
• EMS training with back problems
• Sculpting with EMS training
• Endurance training with EMS
• Relaxation training with EMS
• Spotting and acting

Schedule of the EMS License Trainer Course

The license-compact-education (with the advantage of flexible time management for at home preparation) follows this schedule:

1. Registration with the institute you have chosen.

2. You will then receive the EMS Study and Training Manual as well as the access to training videos.

3. Home preparation in working through the EMS Study and Training Manual.

4. At the latest 2 weeks before the practical workshop you carry out an online pre-test that will show, if you have the proper theoretical basics for the practical workshop.

5. After that, you take part in the EMS LICENSE course which is run remotely.

The lessons will be taught remotely or onsite (please check for options in our schedule) with a qualified instructor. The instructor will be able to answer all questions. For the practical components, the instructor will be also able to effectively guide you through all material and content – via webcam – like in a standard classroom setting – or live onsite.

Please contact us directly if you are interested in attending assisted onsite training with our partners around the world, e.g. in London or Chicago.

The practical training is a crucial step in your journey becoming a licensed EMS trainer. If you attend the course online, it is essential that you have access to an EMS machine and a training buddy during the scheduled practice times. In case you don´t have access to a device or a training buddy, you have the exclusive opportunity to send in a video after the course of you working as a trainer for € 50,- extra charge.

Please note, this course does not replace the initial instruction of the equipment manufacturer. The handling of the device must already be known.

6. After successfully attending and completing the EMS License Course there will be a final online license exam.

7. Passing the exam for the EMS license trainer, you will have the chance to register at the worldwide EMS LICENSE Trainer Network online at

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