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Find a certified EMS Trainer!

Advantages of certified trainers

Are you looking for a qualified EMS trainer? Then look for a recognized EMS certification. The license guarantees that the trainer has completed a recognized and high-quality training program. GluckerKolleg has been training EMS trainers for 10 years and sports instructors and sports therapists for over 90 years (in cooperation with the GluckerSchule) under the motto "Made in Germany". At GluckerKolleg we guarantee that our licensed EMS trainers possess all important expertise for qualified training and optimum customer care during the courses. Our two training courses "EMS License trainer Level 1 (Basic Course) and Level 2 (Advanced Course)" are always based on the latest academic studies and up-to-date content, guaranteeing that our participants receive up-to-date information on EMS training and customer care.