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Trainer profile for Sebastian Authenrieth

Sebastian Authenrieth

living in 70806 Kornwestheim (Deutschland)

Ein ganzheitliches Körperkonzept im 1:1 coaching

Sebastian Authenrieth obtained the following licenses:
Personal Fitness Trainer
2021-07-19 During the Personal Fitness Trainer training course by GluckerKolleg, a total of 100 training sessions over a 3-month period were spent covering the following theory and practical topics:

• Conversational skills, communication and optimum customer service
• Carrying out competent consultation sessions, check ups and taking a professional medical history
• Correctly planning and carrying out training sessions in endurance, fat burning, strength, fasciae and relaxation
• Working with state-of-the-art training equipment and the optimal use of additional equipment during training
• Analyzing posture and developing programs to achieve clients’ goals faster
• Training clients with orthopedic restrictions and metabolic diseases - Creating training programs that are not location specific

The course ends with the creation of an individual marketing concept, a multi-page report on training clients as well as a two-hour theoretical examination and one-hour practical examination. The course is recognized by the Bundesverband Personal Training e.V as well as for the TÜV Personal Fitness Trainer certification from TÜV Rheinland.

EMS Fitness Expert
2022-07-13 During the EMS License Trainer Course by GluckerKolleg in cooperation with miha bodytec, at least 40 training sessions over a two-month period were spent covering the following theory and practical topics:

  • Definition of EMS training
  • History of EMS training
  • Contraindications and anamnesis
  • Using the device in theory and practice
  • Spotting techniques for EMS training
  • EMS training for body shaping for men and women
  • Basics of electrophysiology
  • Load parameters and training plans
  • Difference between localized and whole body EMS
  • Advantages and limitations of EMS training
  • EMS training with back pain and incontinence
  • Strength and endurance effects of EMS training

  • The training course included several months of preparation and concluded with a theoretical and a practical examination. The license is recognized by both miha bodytec and numerous state sports schools.

    Staatl. anerkannter Sportlehrer

    2021-07-12 The "nutrional therapist" training course at GluckerKolleg covers an extensive syllabus over 24 study units. The syllabus builds on existing expertise and covers the following topics:

  • Advising customers on raising performance levels
  • Knowledge of disease patterns and tips for optimal nutrition
  • Training and support for customers with restrictions and dietary problems
  • Intestinal repair and digestion
  • Impact on the immune system
  • Advising customers with metabolic syndrome
  • Treating customers with skin diseases
    The nutritional therapist training course concluded with a written examination and is recognized by numerous state sports schools.